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My friend, Luke, just passed today. I'm a wreck. I feel lost and alone.


I've decided to switch to LJ for a while instead of FB. I'm just tired of the same old impersonal bullshit on facebook, you know? So, here I am world! I'm back after a year or so of no LJ! :P


Hey all! I am now an apprentice piercing artist! I am in need of guinea pigs that are willing to sacrifice their flesh in the name of education. :p All piercings will be free of charge, you only have to pay for jewelery. So, if you feel brave enough to get stabbed by me, let me know and we'll set up an appointment!


New pad

I now live back on the hill again! I'm so happy I'm back. I forgot how amazing it is to be here where everything is accesible in its own little, gay world.
My new place is located on lower Cap Hill on Melrose between Olive and Denny. It has a washer and dryer *in* the apartment, a garbage disposal, dishwasher, AND a balcony! Plus it's uber pet friendly, so I can have my little demon Truffle here.

Fyi: I'll be having a housewarming at some point. Keep your eyes peeled!


Crazy luck

I have some pretty interesting luck lately. Wednesday night, I drunkenly (of course) sprained my ankle pretty badly. It's wrapped up now and I have to walk everywhere on crutches - yes, it's that bad. I have to laugh at the process in which it occured, though. Big heels + alcohol + slippery cement = bad things.

Aside from ankle spraining madness, I got a call from my mother today stating that our family dog, Cubby, is dying. Her kidneys and her pancreas have been failing slowly for months now. She is now on her last weeks. It's very sad to see the dog I used to cry next to when I was depressed as a teenager and used to run with at the park turn into a barely moving, white-haired, tired and dying dog. I know that if I didn't have Truffle, I would truly be very upset about this. Thank gawd, I have my baby!


This month... hell, this year has been a rollercoaster for me and my honey. Maxx, my boyfriend of almost a year now, just lost his job at MySpace because they are "cutting back unnecessary employees". One blow after another, right?

Oddly enough, he's taking it quite well. He feels relieved because he no longer has to stress out about his job and taking care of the retards that work there. I, however, am very worried for the future. We need to find a new place or he needs to find a new job pronto, or we're going to lose our place.
Getting to the point, I know a lot of you out there work in the gaming/software development industry, would any of you know of any job opening or leads? Here is what he has experience in:

10 years experience in Management
Non-certified Scrum Master
8 years experience VB.NET
5 years experience in C#
8 years experience ASP.NET/SQL
Light PHP, Java, and Actionscript, Flex experience

If any of you can help, I will be eternally grateful!



Holy fuck. I just saw someone jump off the 14th floor of my apt building. Somehow it seems wrong to post here about it, but I don't know what else to do. My hands are shaking and I feel cold. There's blood everywhere. Fuck.


I just realized the difference of friends between MySpace, Facebook, and LJ. MySpace is all my younger friends, Facebook my international friends, and LJ mostly my old school friends from back in the Vogue days. I miss you peeps! I need to post more often, yeah? <3


Being a Dharma Brat (a Buddhist raised by Buddhists), I have met many interesting people involved in Tibetan Buddhism. One of those people is my good friend, Gesar Mukpo, whom I've known since I was a wee one.
Years in the making, this his story of being the son of great Buddhist teacher - his story of being a Tulku.
(Btw, my teacher, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, is featured twice in this trailer. He is the silly, bald guy with big ears! :p)



SG and more

So, I've decided after being accepted as a Suicide Girl, not to go forth and do it after all. It's flattering to be recognized as one, but I will not be able to do the things I love and am passionate about such as modeling and running/performing in my troupe.

So no SG for me, folks! :)


A quick update on my life, for you LJ folks:

  • I've moved to an *awesome* new place on Cap Hill right next to the Crescent.
  • I have a new job working in the QA dept for Sony Online Entertainment. (EverCrack, W00t!)
  • My troupe, Dr. Absinthe's Mayhem Emporium is coming along smoothly. We expect another show in a little less than a month.
  • A have a gorgeous new red Blackberry Curve (so now those of you who haven't been able to contact me due to my phone being broken can now stop complaining :p).
  • I have four new piercings (re-did my nipples, belly button, and a Monroe).
  • I will be getting a new puppy pug after Labor Day, who will be named Truffle (he's a cute, pudgy, black pug).

That's about it, folks!